Learn about our mission and commitment to Winter Haven’s community. Discover how we strive to connect people, promote local businesses, and enhance the vibrancy of our city.


We exist to create a deeper connection of community in the City of Winter Haven. Through strategy, building partnerships and sharing talents – we endeavor to create long lasting impact in the lives of the people within the community.


Everything Winter Haven envisions a future where each individual’s potential grows into impactful contributions, transforming our community through shared strength and unity. We aspire for a thriving Winter Haven, cultivated by compassion and opportunity, reflecting the rich tapestry of our collective efforts and neighborly spirit.


Everything Winter Haven champions our community by dedicating financial resources and time to local organizations. Our business serves as a conduit, amplifying the impact of our shared commitment and fostering a prosperous Winter Haven for all.


Everything Winter Haven commits to using our time, talents, and resources in our support, partnership and encouragement of local organizations. We are dedicated in working alongside our community, contributing to a thriving Winter Haven for all.

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